"Perception EP" has been created to challenge preconceived ideas of techno. The notion that techno is cold, formulaic and soulless simply does not apply here.
"Mental Stimulation" opens the EP precisely, taking you on a seamless journey through distance and space, complex atmospheres and intricate drum patterns. This track would not be out of place on an album. In the hands of Sawf, it becomes more rigid and crunchy, with a haunting feeling of Iron Age industry, churning, relentless and raw. Then we arrive at "Malfunction", dub techno that demands your attention. The progression, paired with the pure brilliance of the way the chord is treated, really define this track. The last two tracks are more aggressive and direct whilst still retaining the attention to detail that makes this EP stand out. "Lost Soul" comes screaming out of the box, its vocals and well designed synths make it perfect for some 6am appearances. Whilst "Half cut" pushes a more melodic element that harks back to early European techno, it is no less forgiving. This debut release from Patrick Bolton really does set a high standard for what he does next.