Apologue recordings is a new collaborative Bristol (UK) based project created by like minded artists driven by their enthusiasm and passion for techno. The concept is to provide music which works on the dancefloor whilst retaining the experimental elements that have inspired and maintained Apologue’s curiosity for electronic music. Embracing the recent advancements in technology, Apologue will incorporate loops, tools, parts and soundscapes for creative use.

Apologue’s first release comes from label co-founder, Jobody. Same Same EP was created with a concept of experimenting with simplicity. Each track emphasises different elements without overcrowding the space.
Same Same Ep consists of four tracks by Jobody and a remix which comes courtesy of Truss (Synewave/Perc Trax). The title track Same Same introduces weaving melodies and off beat drum patterns whilst Truss’ remix sits nicely alongside offering an even more industrial approach. Aspect 3 reduces the groove down by using a sparse amount of sounds creating an organic and natural progression of the track. Keeping the reduced approach that the EP has throughout, 8008 takes this concept and brings a more uptempo and melodic angle. To round off the EP, Jobody has included a soundscape tool E scape 1 which slowly builds in intensity through moody atmospheric pads and sharp metallic stabs.